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About us

The Clearingstelle Radikalisierungsprävention is a pilot project that promotes closer cooperation between professionals working with state and municipal youth welfare offices, non-profit organizations providing child and youth welfare services, and counseling centers in Germany.

Our work is based on the joint effort of a multi-professional five-member team working from Berlin, Hamburg, and Osnabrück.

With the support of our institutional network our team provides confidential and direct support when and where it is needed. The project helps to initiate cross-institutional cooperation, while developing need-based services, and facilitating an exchange of good practices and experiences.

Our services:

  • Raise awareness and provide information regarding radicalization and its prevention
  • Help counseling centers and other agencies throughout Germany in child and youth welfare strengthen their cooperation
  • Provide support for the development of needs-based training for professionals in child and youth welfare services and counseling centers
  • Assist in the development of regional formats for cooperation across the range of support-offering institutions
  • Clarify and promote the rationale of prevention work and of child and youth welfare services

The Clearingstelle Radikalisierungsprävention is not a counseling center and does not offer exit counseling or counseling for the social environment. A list of advice or counseling centers can be found here.

If you have any requests, are in need of cooperation partners, or have questions about our work, please contact us here.


The project Clearingstelle Radikalisierungsprävention has expired in December 2022. You can rearch the project team at

Responsible authority and funding agency

The Clearingstelle Radikalisierungsprävention is a nationwide pilot project under the authority of the Vereinigung Pestalozzi gem. GmbH, a non-profit organization based in Hamburg which provides child and youth welfare services.

Vereinigung Pestalozzi offers a range of residential and non-residential care services for parents and families, emotionally distressed people, and children and adolescents in several districts of Hamburg. Together with Ambulante Maßnahmen Altona e.V., Vereinigung Pestalozzi operates the Legato counseling center.

The Clearingstelle Radikalisierungsprävention is a pilot project funded by the National Prevention Program against Islamist Extremism, a program financed by the Advice Centre on Radicalisation of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).